dan mayer

Dan Mayer serves as the Chief Nursing Officer of YouCOMM LLC. He is a Registered Nurse with a BSN, working at Yale New Haven Hospital. Mayer focuses on ensuring that the Room M8 and other projects are designed in such a manner as to effectively address the common needs of clinical staff and patients alike. He further leverages his experience as a floor nurse to ensure that product designs will not pose risks, workflow obstructions, or otherwise present any challenges in the clinical setting. Mayer's roles in the ER and pulmonary floors have provided him with a great amount of experience in helping patients with restrictive motor impairments. He uses these insights to help with product designs and modifications. Prior to becoming a Registered Nurse, Mayer had experience in marketing & sales which, in combination with his nursing experience, uniquely gives him the ability to relate to YouCOMM's Healthcare customers and understand their needs.

Dan Mayer

Chief Nursing Officer