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We are revolutionizing the patient - caregiver relationship, making for a more efficient healthcare system

Current Systems are Ineffective
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Our Patient Centered Solution
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Daniel Yasoshima, CEO

Our Mission >


We are taking a complicated process and transforming it into something simple. Through enhancing the patient-nurse relationship at the core, we can provide a personalized communication experience    to all patients using the YouCOMM platform.


Communication Made Simple

YouCOMM provides a streamlined exchange of information, for each phase of the communication process

Patient Tablet
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Fully customizable or pre-set patient messaging

Notify staff of specific patient needs

Communicate with touch,

voice or head motion

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Caregiver Phone
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Directly linked to patient tablet for streamlined communication

Advanced knowledge of patient need 

Prioritization of care based on patient need

Administrative Panel
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Comprehensive workflow data analytics

Numerous customizable reporting functions

Secure Data Storage

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Key Offerings of Our System:

Customizable Options
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Room M8 comes pre-populated with 20 need options a patient can select from, as well as customized messaging. Facilities utilizing the system have the capability of adding their own need options or removing default options. They can further customize the user interface to be more suitable to elderly and pediatric patients.

Two-Way Communication
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Staff and patients can converse over secure, private massages to enhance care quality for patients and simplify rounding for staff. This communication allows caregivers to know what the patient needs before entering their room. This maximizes efficiency and prioritizes more urgent needs.

Workflow Reporting

Data on patient satisfaction, commonly selected needs, staff response times etc.  are recorded and analyzed by the system.

Administrators can request custom reports delivered directly to their inbox on a recurring or adhoc basis.

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Touch Activation

Room M8 can be activated by pressing any of the available options on the tablet's screen. Unlike the current technology, this gives patients the ability to inform the staff of their need. 

Voice Recognition

Patients can use the phrase "Need Caregiver" to activate Room M8. All message options can be selected by voice and custom messages to staff can also be composed.

See it in action here!

Head Gesture
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Patients can activate the 'Head Gesture' feature by voice or touch. Once activated, 'Head Gesture' allows users to select options by making simple head movements.

See it in action here!

Advantages to You 

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Meet the Team

Five diverse backgrounds, one common goal

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daniel yasoshima

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Yasoshima, MS

tom cotton

Chief Operating Officer

Tom Cotton, MS, RPA, PMP

patrick kumavor
Dan Mayer, RN
erik pettit

Chief Technology Officer

Patrick Kumavor, PhD

Chief Nursing Officer

Dan Mayer, BSN, RN

Chief Marketing Officer

Erik Pettit, BS

Paul White.png

Board Advisor

Paul White, CPA, CGMA, MBA

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YouCOMM in the News

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YouCOMM: Bringing hospital communications into the future

- July 29th, 2018

connecticut innovations award

YouCOMM LLC. is awarded the CT Bioscience Innovation Fund

- August 5th, 2019

innovation destinationhartford

YouCOMM: Providing a system no one else does

- January 1st, 2019

ct next awards

YouCOMM is awarded the Entrepreneur Innovations Award grant

- February 1st, 2019

hartford busiess journal

YouCOMM is featured in the Hartford Business Journal

- October 14th, 2019

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